About me

I wake up every morning before the sun comes up, hook my boat up to my truck, and get to drive to my dream job on the water every morning. I have been fishing my entire life, and there is nothing I would rather do than wake up everyday and chase the feeling of getting one more bite. I love catching fish, but something I love even more than that is watching somebody else catch fish. It is truly my passion to teach somebody how to go out any day of the year and feel confident that they can catch fish too.

Shallow water Bassin

The shallow bite has been great, fish are storming the banks after every warm night and the full moons. Last night May 5th that moon brought a ton of fish to the bank basically under any cover that is touching the water. The lake is not at full pool yet so last week it was not easy to find cover that actually had enough water under it so you really had to search. The key to this week is that the grass is really growing up and that is creating great spawning habitat for those big females. I have just been covering a ton of water looking for grass and once we find some its lights out. Every giant female has been caught on spinning gear light line and very small baits. It is that time of year where spinning rods get the job done. I hope everyone is able to get out this week and maybe this will help you land a few fish.


Winter Flooding

Once the water came up it took the fish a day or so to get used to the rising water. Most of the shad on the lower end of the lake stayed in about 6 feet of water and that is the depth I have been doing most of my damage. I have been looking for a super shallow bite every single day this week but for me it has not worked out. I am sure some people are catching fish way up shallow in the muddy water but for me I have been driving creek to creek looking for cleaner water and focusing on that 6 foot mark throwing a swimbait and rattle trap. With the water being some what stained I have added an underspin on my swimbaits for that extra flash. I hope this helps some of my followers for this up coming weekend have fun!

Winter Madness

The winter bite has been much like last year with all the warm weather and rain. The fish are up shallow feeding on bait fish, with the right conditions the bite has been on fire. On calm slick days a single Swimbait is key but on those windy rainy days a rattle trap has been best. Seems like if the weather is terrible the bite is awesome as the weather starts to stay consistently warm the bite will just get better. Matching the hatch has very important to catching the bigger fish, always try to catch some of the bait in the area you are fishing so you can match their exact size. Truebass Swimbaits make a great selection of sizes that will cover all bases on Chickamauga. Also a shad colored rattle trap either quarter ounce or half ounce. Hope this helps everyone catch some fish.

I fished my very first ABA ( America bass association) tournament this past weekend and had an absolute blast. When I drew my co angler Friday night we talked on the phone and I told him everything we would be doing that next day but when Saturday came and I saw the pressure that was on the lake I basically told him everything we discussed the night before we are not doing. We rigged up some spinning rods and went to work fast. I was able to pull off a first place finish and big fish with 24 pounds and a 7.11 big fish. My co angler also won his side of the tournament, I’m glad we adapted fast and were able to get every bite in the boat!! 

I honestly don’t even know what to say, I have always dreamed about winning a CBA its truly full of the best fisherman I have ever competed against. Patrick Tanner Hoskins and I didn’t even have a fish in the boat at 12:30 but we kept our hopes high and were able to make a few last minute decisions that got us the win. I want to thank everyone that sent messages saying good luck and I want to thank Hyde’s Automotive for being the best mechanics Chattanooga has to offer. Also a huge thank you to Cabela’s Sunglass Hut. We just need to keep this win streak going!!


A day that Patrick and I will never forget, we were on two separate patterns for this CBA and they both pulled through for us. We started out fishing grass and landed our big fish just over 9 pounds at that point we knew we had a great chance for a big bag. once the current started around noon we bounced around ledge to ledge only catching small fish. At 2:30pm all we had was one fish over 9 pounds and 4 other line burners. We made one last stop before going to weigh in and it was the right decision. Patrick’s first cast he caught one over 6 pounds, as I was dropping her in the live well he was yelling net again. Within 10 minutes we culled our 4 line burners with big fish. We raced back to weigh in and brought just over 30 pounds to the scales winning our second CBA of the 2019 season.

12 Pound Bass, Lake Chickamauga, January

Bass fishing lake chickamauga has been getting harder with these major cold fronts coming in, but with the water getting frigid that means the big ones will start to feed. The best thing about this time of year is that any cast could be an absolute giant bass.

This past Saturday my client and I caught a few good fish early in the morning then the bite slowed way down, we stayed very positive and knew any cast could be the bass of a life time. Around 11am we pulled up to a very shallow point and before my bait even hit the bottom I was hooked up. Right away I looked at my client and said “this is a giant, get the net” the 12 pound bass came right to the surface at the back of the boat and we all screamed everyone in the creek looked our way. After about 5 minutes of craziness we finally put the giant in the net and I went crazy!!! The rest of the day was a blur because we were so pumped up about seeing a bass that big. I’m so lucky to be able to fish Lake Chickamauga everyday!!!

On a guided Tournament trip we will fish tournaments where the client and I are a team competing against other teams. They can watch how I make decisions under pressure and get the feel of tournament fishing. If we end up winning the tournament we will split the winnings.

Rates are $400 a full day