I honestly don’t even know what to say, I have always dreamed about winning a CBA its truly full of the best fisherman I have ever competed against. Patrick Tanner Hoskins and I didn’t even have a fish in the boat at 12:30 but we kept our hopes high and were able to make a few last minute decisions that got us the win. I want to thank everyone that sent messages saying good luck and I want to thank Hyde’s Automotive for being the best mechanics Chattanooga has to offer. Also a huge thank you to Cabela’s Sunglass Hut. We just need to keep this win streak going!!


A day that Patrick and I will never forget, we were on two separate patterns for this CBA and they both pulled through for us. We started out fishing grass and landed our big fish just over 9 pounds at that point we knew we had a great chance for a big bag. once the current started around noon we bounced around ledge to ledge only catching small fish. At 2:30pm all we had was one fish over 9 pounds and 4 other line burners. We made one last stop before going to weigh in and it was the right decision. Patrick’s first cast he caught one over 6 pounds, as I was dropping her in the live well he was yelling net again. Within 10 minutes we culled our 4 line burners with big fish. We raced back to weigh in and brought just over 30 pounds to the scales winning our second CBA of the 2019 season.
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