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ABA Win!

I fished my very first ABA ( America bass association) tournament this past weekend and had an absolute blast. When I drew my co angler Friday night we talked on the phone and I told him everything we would be doing that next day but when Saturday came and I saw the pressure that was …

CBA Win!

I honestly don’t even know what to say, I have always dreamed about winning a CBA its truly full of the best fisherman I have ever competed against. Patrick Tanner Hoskins and I didn’t even have a fish in the boat at 12:30 but we kept our hopes high and were able to make a …

Cold Water=BIG BASS!

12 Pound Bass, Lake Chickamauga, January Bass fishing lake chickamauga has been getting harder with these major cold fronts coming in, but with the water getting frigid that means the big ones will start to feed. The best thing about this time of year is that any cast could be an absolute giant bass. This …

Tournament Style Fishing

On a guided Tournament trip we will fish tournaments where the client and I are a team competing against other teams. They can watch how I make decisions under pressure and get the feel of tournament fishing. If we end up winning the tournament we will split the winnings. Rates are $400 a full day

Kids Welcomed

We encourage you to bring the kiddos out. Start them young and teach them the foundation to becoming a seasoned angler!