12 Pound Bass, Lake Chickamauga, January

Bass fishing lake chickamauga has been getting harder with these major cold fronts coming in, but with the water getting frigid that means the big ones will start to feed. The best thing about this time of year is that any cast could be an absolute giant bass.

This past Saturday my client and I caught a few good fish early in the morning then the bite slowed way down, we stayed very positive and knew any cast could be the bass of a life time. Around 11am we pulled up to a very shallow point and before my bait even hit the bottom I was hooked up. Right away I looked at my client and said “this is a giant, get the net” the 12 pound bass came right to the surface at the back of the boat and we all screamed everyone in the creek looked our way. After about 5 minutes of craziness we finally put the giant in the net and I went crazy!!! The rest of the day was a blur because we were so pumped up about seeing a bass that big. I’m so lucky to be able to fish Lake Chickamauga everyday!!!

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